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Meant to be. It is said that everything happens for… | by Khyati Doshi |  Ruhaniyat | Medium

In heaven, things are not stained or broken; everything is as it was meant to be. Think for a moment of the wonder of this. Isn’t every one of our sorrows on earth the result of things not being as they were meant to be? And so when the kingdom of God comes to earth, wonderful things begin to unfold. Look at the evidence; watch what happens to people as they are touched by the kingdom of God through Jesus. As he went about “preaching the good news of the kingdom,” Jesus was also “healing every disease and sickness among the people” (Matt. 4:23). When he “spoke to them about the kingdom of God,” he “healed those who needed healing” (Luke 9:11).

What happens when we find ourselves in the kingdom of God? The disabled jump to their feet and start doing a jig. The deaf go out and buy themselves stereo equipment. The blind are headed to the movies. The dead are not at all dead anymore, but very much alive. They show up for dinner. In other words, human brokenness in all its forms is healed. The kingdom of God brings restoration. Life is restored to what it was meant to be. “In the beginning,” back in Eden, all of creation was pronounced good because all of creation was exactly as God meant for it to be. For it to be good again is not for it to be destroyed, but healed, renewed, brought back to its goodness.

Those glimpses we see in the miracles of Jesus were the first-fruits. When he announces the full coming of the kingdom, Jesus says, “Look, I am making all things new!” (Rev. 21:5 NLT, emphasis added). He does not say, “I am making all new things.” He means that the things that have been so badly broken will be restored and then some. “You mean I’ll get a new pair of glasses?” my son Sam asked. “Or do you mean I’ll get a new pair of eyes, so I won’t need glasses?” What do you think? Jesus didn’t hand out crutches to help the disabled.