Why do we do the things we do? Despite our best attempts to “know thyself,” the truth is that we often know astonishingly little about our own minds, and even less about the way others think. As Charles Dickens once put it, “A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.”

Psychologists have long sought insights into how we perceive the world and what motivates our behavior, and they’ve made enormous strides in lifting that veil of mystery. Aside from providing fodder for stimulating cocktail-party conversations, some of the most famous psychological experiments of the past century reveal universal and often surprising truths about human nature. Here are some classic psychological studies that may change the way you understand yourself.

  1. Psychology says that comparing yourself to others is the root cause for feelings of unhappiness and depression.
  2. If two people are having a dispute, the angrier one is usually wrong. This is because anger clouds judgement.
  3. People who walk at a quicker pace are generally seen as more confident and happier than those who walk at a slower pace.
  4. Girls who have more ‘guy friends’ than ‘girl friends’ go through less depression and anxiety. I am not kidding girls.
  5. Men spend almost a year of their lives staring at women, a survey found.
  6. You usually argue with the people you care about. People avoid fights completely when they’re no longer interested emotionally.
  7. When studying something new, teach a friend about it. Let them ask questions. If you can teach something well, then you understand it well.
  8. People are generally more honest when physically tired. This is why people confess things during late night conversations.
  9. Being weird around someone is a way of letting them know that you’re actually comfortable with them.
  10. Being unable to get someone off your mind indicates that you are also on that person’s mind.
  11. The very last person on your mind before you fall asleep is either the reason for your happiness or your pain.
  12. The longer you hide your feelings for someone, the harder you fall for that person.
  13. Pretending not to care is the habit of someone who generally cares the most.
  14. People with low self-esteem are more likely to criticize others.
  15. Good liars are better at detecting lies of others.
  16. The more attracted you are to a person, the easier it is for them to make you laugh.
  17. The average person has 3 to 5 best friends, and usually hates one person in their social group.
  18. Girls have a lot of crushes, but their heart belongs to only one guy.
  19. The inability to fall asleep at night, means you’re awake in someone’s dream.
  20. When your mood is not good without any reason, you definitely are missing someone.