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Why Walking Away is Attractive

This post is about why walking away is attractive.

There are 5 reasons why when you decide to walk away from anybody can be extremely attractive.

Walking away works on anybody:




A boss




Honestly, one of the greatest superpowers a human can possess in the real world truly is the power of walking away.

I am delighted to say I have walked away from so many toxic and negative people in my life, and I have never regretted one of those decisions.

Granted I am extremely headstrong, but regardless of that, it is one of the most amazingly simple and powerful things a person can do.

Why waste your time with people who will never support you and buy into your way of thinking or what you believe in?

Why waste your life with people who genuinely do not want what is best for you?

Why spend the money and time flogging a dead horse on a flaky person who is “not sure about dating you.”

Why is walking away so attractive?

Like the no contact rule (basically cutting complete contact with somebody and going silent,) it is all about regaining the upper hand.

Whilst I am not one for game playing, there is a significant difference between manipulation and getting up and removing yourself from a person or a group of people.

Life is too damn short to spend it with idiots.

Therefore, getting up and walking away is an incredibly brave and powerful method.

Just two days ago I walked away from toxic family members, enough is enough.

Also, I want to make clear this post applies to everybody, regardless of gender, background and ethnicity, anybody can do this.

Now how is this attractive?

Well, I will reveal all in the following 5 ways walking away is not only extremely attractive but so irresistible:

#1 – You Become a Challenge

The first reason walking away is extremely attractive is because you immediately make yourself become a bit of a challenge.

Most people are so insecure these days, that even the slightest amount of pressure or lack of clarity can send them into a spiral of chaos.

How accessible are you when it comes to dating and relationships?

Are you always at the end of a phone call or a text, and immediately reply?

Do you drop everything to see your special somebody, even when you are busy?

Do you prioritize them over everything else, including your hobbies, friends, and your work?

I think you are seeing a pattern, here right.

The problem initially is you were most likely not a challenge, and as a result have found yourself almost obsessed with this person.

You like them or love them so much that you do not want to lose them.

You will do whatever it takes to keep them in your life, and make sure you make “no mistakes whatsoever.”

Ouch, you are most likely whipped.

We have all been there, yes even yours truly.

Our instinct is to up the ante!

For men we go and buy lavish gifts, and up the affection and make sure they are “ok” all the time to where it is so annoying.

And for women they do slightly similar, but it is more the talk of “where is this going,” and “I want to know where we stand.”

Sadly, this usually brings most relationships to a crossroads, and almost the point of no return.

Once doubt has crept in, that’s where things usually go wrong.

So, what is the solution?

Walking away.

By doing so it shows you are not in the mood for games, uncertainty and any other type of nonsense that may be at play.

Walking away proves you are a person on a mission.

It shows you have dignity, pride, and self-respect.

It shows that regardless if you were too accessible initially, that there is a line that needs to be drawn aka a boundary.

And now you are a challenge, the other person is stunned you walked away!

They arrogantly believed you will be with them regardless of how they treated you, and how wrong were they.

#2 – They Miss Your Attention

Another reason walking away is so attractive is the other person will immediately miss the attention you had given them.

People are so predictable these days:

You give them an inch; you can guarantee they will take a mile.

People are constantly taking liberties, taking advantage of other people you name it.

They will happily let you call them first.

Let you chase them.

Let you treat them to nice things.

Make you put in all the work.

Let all the effort lie with you.

You are the mouse, and they are the cheese.

And most likely if you are an empathetic person, you are more than likely to go all in on a person to ensure they like you back.

Ultimately you are trying your hardest to make sure they stay with you, and always like you.

So, you are calling them all the time to see how they are.

You check on them constantly.

You ask them how their days are going and so on.

Ultimately you are bombarding or at least initiating the attention with them.

And let me confirm to you, they know this, and they love it.

They think “I’ve got him or her wrapped around my little finger.”

“If I call, they will come running.”

But if you walk away, what suddenly happens to that wonderful attention you gave them?

Obviously, it stops, immediately!

It comes to an end, suddenly they are at a loose end.

No more good morning texts or alte night phone calls.

No more likes on social media etc.

Nothing but radio silence.

Like a drug addict starved of their fix, they crave you more than ever.

They will settle for scraps, and by scraps even just an emoji of all things.

They will become obsessed with you, because you have starved them of the one thing, they arrogantly assumed they were eternally entitled to:

Your attention.

#3 – You Are Mysterious

Why do people love Batman as a character?

Because he is the mysterious vigilante that swoops in at night to take on the evil villains who threaten to destroy his precious city.

To the fans everybody knows Batman’s secret identity is that of Bruce Wayne, the billionaire playboy who tragically lost his parents as a child.

But to the villains, to the city of Gotham of where he protects, nobody knows who he is.

As commissioner Gordan describes him at the end of The Dark Knight when asked why the police must chase after him:

“Because he’s the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

So we’ll hunt him.

Because he can take it.

Because he’s not our hero.

He’s a silent guardian.

A watchful protector.

A Dark Knight.”

I am not suggesting for you to become a caped crusader and fight crime but realize it is above all the mystery of Batman that ignites fear into his villains, but respect from the police.

When you are constantly available, and everybody knows what you want and who you are.

What happens to the mystery?

In fact, where is the mystery in that at all?

It is non-existent.

But walking away and remaining no contact until they chase you ignites the same excitement and fear the villains have when Batman is swooping down on them.

By the other person constantly knowing where you are and what you are up to.

You are too readily available.

However suddenly you have walked away the following anxiety occurs:

Where are they going?

What are they doing?

Who are they with?

Who are they spending time with?

Where are they planning to go?

What are they thinking?

Walking away will make you mysterious, and mystery is sexy.

#4 – You Regain the Power

Yes, walking away regains your power!

Having the strength to get up and walk away from negative and toxic individuals is a hugely underrated superpower.

I have walked away from situations, friends and even family, and it was not easy, but the right thing to do. If I can do it, you can too!

The greatest superpower you will ever possess is the power to walk away.

By tolerating abuse, negligence, toxicity, and people’s drama all the time will only have one effect on your life.

And that effect is, it will make your life WORSE.

The upper hand now lies firmly with you, and all you had to do is metaphorically put your shoes on and walk away.

There is no power in butting heads and arguing.

There is no power in chasing and flogging a dead horse.

There is no power in begging and pleading.

However, there is power in walking away.

You are portraying the confidence and self-belief that you will not tolerate anything or in fact anybody that does not abide by your standards.

This is not about being arrogant, this is about attraction.

A man I know begged and pleaded for a woman he was dating to move in with him, to which she would never give him a straight answer.

He offered to even pay for everything, and she still said no!

With that, he got so angry that he decided to walk away from her.

By doing so he worked harder on his job, worked out more, and educated himself about boundaries and how to be more confident.

Throughout the whole time he never spoke to his ex at all and remained focus.

Over a year later, he was dating somebody else, and he received a knock on the door disturbing his dinner plans.

Sure enough it was his ex, crying and sobbing.

She said to him “I cannot believe I passed up this opportunity, I think about you all the time, I want you back so badly.”

“Too bad,” the guy said smiling, as he slowly closed the door in her face to return to the dining room to eat with his new girlfriend, who ended up being his new wife.

What he did was regain the power, by flipping it back into his control by walking away.

And by also going no contact added the extra spice.

Regain control and the power of your life by walking away.

#5 – Your Value Increases

The final reason walking away is attractive is because it increases your value.

Any time I have walked away from somebody it has been for the following reasons:

I have been disrespected

I have been abused

I have been mistreated

I have been bullied

I have been ridiculed

Life is too damn short to waste it with people who will hurt me and upset me.

Make friends and associate with people who want the best for you, trust me on this.

Therefore, once you have walked away, your value skyrockets.

Whilst they never had any respect for you and looked down on you, you did.

You stood up for yourself and showed them “I am better than this and I am better than you.”

Suddenly they will feel incredibly insecure:

“Wow maybe they are sexier than I thought, there is just something about them.”

You are darn right there is, it is all called self-respect.

It is the confidence and belief to realize you will not tolerate any crap thrown your way.

And when they go too far, or do not value you, you will not value them.

A woman I know bent over backwards for a guy who took pure advantage of her.

And when she walked away from him, he went into a complete depression finally admitting “I never valued how amazing she was, I messed up so badly.”

Walk away and watch your value increase.

And if they do not value you, find somebody else that will.

In Summary:

#1 – You Become a Challenge

#2 – They Miss Your Attention

#3 – You Are Mysterious

#4 – You Regain the Power

#5 – Your Value Increases