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We read that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west in childhood. We think the same is true until then. It is true that the sun is rising at the same time as the earth is moving all around itself, we can’t oppose any statement here. This is called a paradox. This is exactly what happened in science. The universe is made up of atoms as we know and we have been believing that for hundreds of years.

 But the reality is that quantum field theory says that there are no atoms, electrons and quarks in the universe, but you can guess what fields are now as you can see the universe is full of similar fields. assume just like a fish in the ocean. The fish in such a water doesn’t recognize the water it is living in. In fact, it is never known that it moves back and forth in water and that the ocean it sees is predicted to be an empty space and that the fish will be born in the same water and die in the same water.

Do, now if you go into matter, we can say that quantum mechanics can divide any substance in the universe. So, far as we think of it as a kind of fundamental particle. but the fact is that they are not visible to us at the particles stage as long as we see them.So, what is the actual shape of the original waveforms that create them in such fields? For example, if you look at an atom field, it looks like an atom when a wave rises up. and that field is full of universe is full of universe. Each object in the universe is made up of atoms, so we are just waves. These fields in the universe are like a sea where waves are created everywhere in the ocean and in this void we can create waves with constant vibration in fields that are invisible. This means that wherever in this field it has value.

The universe is full of 17 fields and we can also assume a field of gravity. According to this theory, the universe is made up of magnetic field, electric field, gravitational field, electronic field, higgs field and the quark field as well as gluon is also a field. The nebula that you see here is different in colour, but it’s actually full of these 17 fields. It’s colour made by mixing colours of different fields. We should think of them as waves rather than particles. Quantum field theory can be the solution to many problems in quantum mechanics. Many theoretical physicists also agree that this quantum field theory is the best theory in physics.

There is a mysterious question in those days about how the earth revolves around the sun. In response, Isaac Newton said that larger objects attract smaller objects and the Earth’s orbit around the sun is greater because of the gravitational potential of the sun.But Albert Einstein came to the question of how the sun could effect the earth from such a distance without any physical contact. So far that question, eliminate Newton gravity and expect space to invisible in the form of a space-time fabric, so that other planets with less mass are adjusting orbits in the space-time fabric. This is exactly the field theory and it is mathematically proved.We still can’t say that Newton gravity is completely wrong because we are using Newton gravity in rocket science. So field theory is better to understand the universe than particle theory.

and another interesting thing is that these fields interact with each other and this is called equal and opposite excitations in the field. It also forms waves in the field. When a wave created in electron field and anti electron form by downside, this when wave created below electron field produces excitation waves in the above electron field and then a photon is created. on interacting these 17 fields forms electrons,protons and quark. And we are formed by such waves.

According to Heisenberg uncertainty fields have no zero energy, it means fields always vibrate.You can doubt how these fields also formed? This field is formed by mass, which means an electron form when the electron field is touched with 0.511Mev.So, we can observe that particles are not fundamental in the universe, only fields are fundamental.  We can observe in electron magnetic a structure of magnetic fieldSo, we discovered this as a particle till now, but particles have only half chance of right. As we see in the beginning, we can realize it was a pure paradox.