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Connected or Attached? An important distinction for your love life

Did you know that the difference between connection and attachment has a direct affect on your sex life? It’s true!

But what’s the difference?

We are hardwired to connect at a primal level. It’s the way we’re designed – to seek out and have a meaningful relationship with another. But so often relationships wind up messy and less than perfect.

It’s the slide from connection into attachment that muddles our relationships.

Besides being hardwired for connection we’re also energetically connected. It’s a connection that runs deep at a soul level. We’re connected in ways that scientists can’t explain. Universally we are all connected to one another. Connection is heart-centered.

Attachment is mind based. It’s attachment to outcome. Attachment to expectations and how you want your relationship to look. Attachment to the idea or belief of wanting your partner to fill a void. Attachment to what your sex life ‘should’ be like.

I work with my clients on letting go of attachments to help them get to a place of connection where sex becomes something more than they ever imagined. Where they are united body, mind, heart and spirit without negative mind chatter and limiting beliefs.

Attachment so easily slides into longing, frustration and resentments. And that doesn’t make for great sex. Sex with pure, flowing, heart connection is over-the-moon amazing.When you’re connected vs. being attached, sex becomes satiating on all levels. Which are you?CLICK TO TWEET

When you’re connected vs. being attached, sex becomes satiating on all levels.

Connection comes from letting go, it’s working through and surrendering all the things that hold you back and cause you stress in your relationship and life.

Attachment causes patterns of interacting that are difficult and raise tension. Patterns where maybe one person pushes and the other withdraws resulting in a spiral of disconnection.

Bring awareness to the ways you interact. If you’re single think of prior relationships and the way in which you opened up or shut down and held back.

Learning to connect at a deep level is not just wonderful for your sex life, it elevates your experience of everything in life.

Connection is about making love great in every conceivable way in your relationships.